flexdek2The FlexDek™ is a creative and adaptable platform designed to accommodate the development of mobile applications (Apps) targeting medical, behavioral and physical diagnoses.

The apps are designed with a similar goal; increase patient compliance with identified protocols and reduce recidivism that often require (re) hospitalization.

The FlexDek™ is a simple yet comprehensive administration program with a full menu of robust features providing Care Managers tools for remote patient monitoring, data collection and reporting.

FlexDek™ is able to provide simple resources ( information, surveys, reports, goals and communication tools) via specialized mobile phone apps. It integrates multiple services into one system, meeting the needs of various populations at most educational levels.

FlexDek™ is able to personalize information and support so users can more effectively manage their health and change unwanted and harmful behaviors to their overall wellness.

Please contact us for more information on how we can develop an app for your system of care.

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