iphoneSoberSystems™ is the new Mobile App that is about to change the face of substance abuse treatment and recovery. Millions of people worldwide cope with addiction issues, and while they go into treatment, millions also end up relapsing. SoberSystems™ is designed to create a revolution in the face of this enduring need.

SoberSystems™ is a mobile recovery management program designed to work as an additional tool for strengthening the recovering person’s commitment to ongoing success and their recovery assets. The intent is to reduce relapse and provide fast access for early intervention. The interactive program allows the recovering person to participate in their recovery while monitoring their personal development and accountability by a designated care manager (s). The simple design and targeted features encourages user friendly activity without complication.

SoberSystems™ is your best choice for an additional tool to strengthen a client’s recovery capital and enhance accountability. It is a great method for re-engagement of clients who begin to show non-compliance. The mobile application is simple and fun to use. The clinical design integrates two basic principles of recovery, honesty and service by encouraging user effort through immediate scoring and supportive feedback. These can customized to the needs of the Care Manager. The electronic tethering through the mobile application gives maximum flexibility of use while also providing safety and security of user information.

SoberSystems™ aims to:

  • Provide early intervention
  • Reduce Relapse
  • Reduce Recidivism
  • Reduce the overall cost of treating addiction in America

SoberSystems™ is on the move!

We are adapting the App and our traditional focus on substance abuse, to one that can be used as a tool for surveying subjects, monitoring side effects, and provide ongoing engagement with the research team, and even others in the research. SoberSystems™ works to disrupt the status quo in the field of addictions. We want to change the way we work on addictions issues and empower people to become well with the support they need on an ongoing basis.

  • People have to be involved in their own care
  • With the right tools we can contribute to change
  • Costs can be reduced and wellness can be increased
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    Our Goal

    At SoberSystems™ our goal is to empower patients to make positive choices for their own care and be accountable to their care managers. We are devoted to raising the levels of compliance and eliminate recidivism. We dedicate ourselves to a vision of wellness and health in this country and beyond, by connecting people to their physicians and designated care manager. This can work!

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