iphone-reminderz2Reminderz is the second app developed on the FLEXDEK™. The targeted market is the pharmaceutical industry. The app is designed for the evolving changes in Patient Engagement and Patient Retention. Reminderz is a comprehensive mobile application meeting these two objectives as well as serving a a data collection tool for the CRO (Clinical Research Organization). This is achieved by creating a simple, user friendly tools for participants can easily enrich their trial experience.

These tools include the following:

  • connecting with others in the study
  • research and inform about trials
  • scheduling appointments
  • daily check ins

The built in alert mechanism informs support that CRO designee attention is warranted via push and email notification. This is empowering and validating and indicates a high level of importance as a participant and as a person.

In development is a configuration of the app for submission to the Challenge Post contest for Patient Engagement in Clinical Trials. This is a bold approach. It fills a need to find new and creative ways to reduce the dropout rate of people in clinical studies.

Watch the Reminderz Video

Watch Harold Jonas, creator of Reminderz, in Las Vegas

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