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Flexdek™ Wellness Management

The FlexDek™ is a creative and adaptable platform designed to accommodate the development of mobile applications (Apps) targeting medical, behavioral and physical diagnoses. The apps are designed with a similar goal; increase patient compliance with identified protocols and reduce recidivism that often require (re) hospitalization. The FlexDek™ is a simple yet comprehensive administration program with a full menu of robust features providing Care Managers tools for remote patient monitoring, data collection and reporting. FlexDek™ is able to provide simple resources ( information, surveys, reports, goals and communication tools) via specialized mobile phone apps. It integrates multiple services into one system, meeting the needs of various populations at most educational levels. FlexDek™ is able to personalize information and support so users can more effectively manage their health and change unwanted and harmful behaviors to their overall wellness.

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SoberSystems™ is the new Mobile App that is about to change the face of substance abuse treatment and recovery. Millions of people worldwide cope with addiction issues, and while they go into treatment, millions also end up relapsing. SoberSystems™ is designed to create a revolution in the face of this enduring need. SoberSystems™ works to disrupt the status quo in the field of addictions. We want to change the way we work on addictions issues and empower people to become well with the support they need on an ongoing basis.


REMINDERZ is an award winning app selected from a global pool of submissions to the inaugural Challenge Post app contest. It is built on the FlexDek™ platform, a creative and adaptable platform accommodating varied uses in medical, behavioral and physical diagnoses.
REMINDERZ is a comprehensive mobile application designed to fulfill two goals: engage and retain patients in clinical trials and collect data for the Clinical Research Organization (CRO). The features on the Reminderz app are designed to engage and enhance the participant experience. The REMINDERZ app is a prototype for future use in clinical trials as the industry changes to meet the demands of the evolving population. Engagement and retention are critical components for a successful study and technology usage continues to grow as an important tool for success.


The award winning FlexDek MAT EDITION is a compilation of beneficial features designed to assist the recovery process of clients utilizing Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). To accomplish this a Console was developed that features tools strengthening self-care. Check-In and Coaches are paired so the client can have accountability based on self-report of survey items. These responses are recorded and accumulated by the User so their efforts at compliance and change are validated. To ensure up-to-date information is available for Users, a Resource file was adopted as the best method to manage articles, research and latest news. To address community support, we identified two best practices for mutual aid, Forums and Meetings. These features open multiple pathways for continued development and support. In the Forums, Users can read, post and create new topics for conversation with others using FlexDek for MAT. With the Meetings tool, Users find links to locate and map support meetings where a welcome community sharing similar challenges awaits. To effectively manage time, we created a Scheduling component that interacts with the mobile device calendar to set and keep appointments.

SAMHSATo increase the likelihood of long term utilization of FlexDek for MAT, we built in a Rewards module. When Users check- in they are awarded points for positive responses to the survey items. Thresholds are established and when met, Users earn and are notified about tangible rewards that they can acquire.

FlexDek MAT Edition is available free in the APP and PLAY stores.

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